Five Casino Tips “The House” Don’t Want Players to Know

Whether we’re talking about Online sites with all of the animations and notifications turned up to eleven, or a rowdy in-person experience with free drinks, sandwiches and massages designed to keep you at the table, playing at a Casino can be overwhelming! That’s not even talking about what happens in the games! It’s an open secret that ‘the house’ designs casinos, both online and offline, this way so they can get the most out of their players. No clocks, lots of visual stimulation, fun music. But what is it that they’re distracting you from?

It’s not the gameplay! OK sure, if you’re absent-mindedly throwing money at a roulette wheel to impress the sexy player next to you who’s giving you eyes, that’s gonna lose you cash, quick. But they know this isn’t a good long term strategy for them! Eventually you’re either going to get a drink with them, or you’re gonna start paying attention to the table! These Casino tips are general Casino ‘hacks’ that you might not think about, and they don’t want you to think about, because they’ll stop you losing as much at casino games.

Casino Tip 1. Practice makes perfect

What sets great gamblers apart? Is it that they’ve won a lot? Some of them have, but plenty haven’t. Have they earnt their cool demeanour by losing their shirt enough times to be able to judge new ’green’ players by a glance? Sure, that’s the case for a few people, but most of us don’t have the funds to keep going back to the well time after time!

The truth is that ‘great’ gamblers have just played, a lot. Win or lose, you get better with practice. Some games (a lot of games, actually) it’s impossible to get so good that you’re more likely to win than the house – apart from counting cards. But what most new players forget is that they can practice! When the odds are rigged against you, why just leave it up to chance?

There are sites where you can practice BlackJack, Roulette, Baccarat etc for free online. Get your strategy down and see what works best for you!

Casino Tip 2. Some games are more risk than others

When it comes to sports betting, the bookmakers let you know what the deal is. We can guess the risk we’re taking with our money by comparing the odds of one team or horse to the other. The higher the risk, the longer the odds, the bigger the payout if they win! The same thing does hold true for casino games. But because they don’t want you thinking about it, the odds are a little more difficult to spot!

A lot of our articles on this site refer to “RTP” or “Return to Player” ratios. This is a percentage value that any game in a casino has. It tells you, on average, if you gambled $10, 100 times (so $1000 total), how much money you should have left at the end. A game like French Roulette has a relatively high RTP of around 97.30%. Meaning after a $1000 spend on French Roulette table, most people will end up with about $973.

There are games with much lower RTP numbers, with some slots coming in well into the 80s. This means that the longer you play, the more of your stack is going to be in the hands of the house. They entice you into playing those games with big potential jackpots though.

It’s just like sports betting – the bigger the payout, the bigger the risk.

Casino Tip 3. Bonuses

In both online casinos and in real life, there are big perks to being a player. Loyalty means a lot in this business, and they want you to feel like they’re taking care of you. But most of the time, the perks you get are a tiny % of what you’re risking at the tables.

Enjoy the perks, get your bonuses, drink the free drinks, take the free spins. Bonuses are a great way to use Casino Tip #1 as well – free spins, free cash and free play on a real casino site is some of the best practice you can get!

Remember, its a business, and they’re not really giving you this stuff for free! Use it to your advantage!

Casino Tip 4. Don’t play drunk

There’s a reason that most Vegas stories aren’t actually about gambling, they’re about crazy nights out. It’s in the interest of the casino for you to play loose! Nobody’s looser than a drunk person with something to prove.

We’re not saying don’t get drunk, we’re not saying don’t gamble, we’re just saying don’t let the two things overlap too much! This is super easy with mobile gambling – just disable the app on your phone after 2am! (This is also a great tip to avoid drunk texting, you’re welcome!)

Casino Tip 5. Quit while you’re ahead

This is the big daddy. This is what the casino really doesn’t want you thinking about. They know that the longer you play, even if you’re ahead for a while, the odds are stacked in their favour. Eventually that lead will evaporate. So they try to keep you at the table.

It works on most people. So remember this tip –  If you can pick the right time to walk away, every time, you’ll be the best gambler you know.

So there it is. 5 tips, not one of them about how to bet on roulette or whether to split pairs in Blackjack, but really, it’s these things that the Casinos don’t want players thinking about!