The 5 Most Popular Online Slots Themes for 2021

The gambling business has always been evolving. The first chips were invented in Rome, where fines for being caught gambling were multiples of the cash found in the pot – 10 x a bunch of cheap clay chips = 0! The first casinos were set up to contain all of the gambling at big European carnivals. If you believe the rumors, Vegas was set up by the Mob to launder their money, and as soon as internet technology became cheap and widespread enough, people were using it to get around rules and regulations restricting gambling in the U.S.

Online casino games have taken that evolution to the next level. No longer hindered by the requirements of expensive physical machines and mounting electricity bills associated with brick and mortar casinos, innovation has exploded in the online gambling space. Nowhere is this more obvious, than in the weird, wonderful, and culturally questionable world of Online Slots!

Right up until the end of the 20th Century, slots were almost an afterthought in the casino game. Tables with roulette, craps, or blackjack could see thousands of dollars in action on one hand, spin or roll, with enough players each betting a reasonable amount. A slot machine going for $1 or even $0.25 a time is just not as attractive an investment, plus it lacks the glitz, the glamour, the community of the table games.

As our experience of the world became increasingly screen-based, and new generations of gamblers grew up with videogames in their houses, the potential for slots became clear to some maverick innovators. Now some estimates place online slots at around 70% of the online casino market. The beautiful thing about slots is, it lends itself to being themed. You can have fun playing a game set in Asia, eventually, get bored of it, and easily switch to an Ancient Egyptian archaeological adventure and have just as much fun!

As with any creative industry, some trends have emerged over the years. Here are the top 5 online slots themes you’ll find out there in 2021:

#1 Egypt

There’s evidence that people were gambling in Ancient Egypt 5,000 years ago. A few different gambling dice have been found in archaeological digs, and historians say that there was a danger of being sentenced to brutal manual labor in the quarries for those whose gambling debts got too high.

5,000 years later, the Pharaohs still rule the Kingdom of the Slots. With the cool ancient symbols, the tradition of buried treasures, and undiscovered mysteries, it’s the perfect theme for online slots in 2021!

Asia Rising

If Egypt represents the ancient past of gambling, Asia represents its future. Macau’s gambling revenue outstripped Las Vegas a few years back, and the demand for Online Slots that are themed to Asian-friendly stories, motifs and designs has this category rocketing up the chart. People who are watching the industry expect Asian Themed Online Slots to surpass the Ancient Egyptian themes sooner, rather than later.

Animals, especially Safari

If you find yourself up, late at night and watching Poker on TV, you’ll hear the players or the commentators describing the game as ‘a battle’ or ‘a war’ between the players. Matching strategy and luck to beat the other, it’s an apt metaphor. Online slots aren’t quite like that, they are more like a Hunt. The player is hunting the big prize, waiting patiently, and riding their luck as long as they can. At least when it’s an Animal Themed Online Slot Machine, you don’t have to make the shot! These are more fun, furry, colorful animals, and again can take us to the exotic locations of Africa and Asia. If history isn’t your thing, but cute and cuddly critters with big bags of money up for grabs are, there’s a world of Animal Safari-themed slots waiting for you online.

Treasure Hunt

The other kind of hunter that frequents the online casino is the Treasure Hunter. Not interested in ancient history, just getting the loot and getting out! The Treasure Hunters do find a fair amount of crossover with our #1 theme, Ancient Egypt – as some of those Tombs that players set to Raiding are going to be in pyramids. If your perfect way to unwind is channelling Indiana Jones on a trip to Las Vegas, then Treasure Hunting themed online slots are where X marks the spot!

Mo’ Money, No Problems

A lot of the themed slots listed above are fantastic fun to play, they have characters, stories, new levels to unlock and more. But do they have what counts? Do they have the big payout? The kind of jackpot that’s going to change your life? The stuff that online slot players’ dreams are made of?

Well actually, yeah a few of them do. BUT this theme is all about that Rich, High Roller lifestyle. Progressive slots are the machines that rack up a bigger and bigger bonus bumper top prize the more people play. We’re talking $7,000,000+ on a single spin of the wheels. Expect to see Lamborghinis, diamonds, champagne, and Gold on these machines! This category also has a bit of crossover help from those Asians who are looking to get Crazy Rich!

These are just the top 5 most significant themes for the online slot market in 2021. Whatever theme you want to play, chances are, there’s a slot themed right for it. Greek Gods, Gem hunting, Thor, and Zombies are all huge hits in the market, and let’s not forget the licensed machines that bring to life characters from your favorite movies and TV shows!

Remember though, gamble responsibly and read our guides to find the best strategies to play slots online and the very best casinos at which to play them!