5 Sensible Strategies to help New Online Casino Players Achieve Crazy Casino Success!

There are thousands of books about the ways to win at various card games. People spend (and wager, and lose) millions each year attempting to master a ‘betting system’ that somehow will be able to tell what the random spin of a Roulette Wheel will do. This is not one of those guides!

These are the sensible steps all new players should follow to reach Crazy Casino success!

1/ Front to back, read the fine print.

For a new player embarking on your first journey into online casinos can be daunting. There’s a whole universe of options out there! But that also feeds back the other way – there are so many fish in the sea, as it were, that are competing to get your attention.

One of the best and most sensible ways to find the online casino that’s right for you is to choose the place that has the terms and conditions that appeal to you most. This is especially true when it comes to the terms and conditions that govern the No Deposit and Deposit bonus schemes the casino will (probably) be offering you as you sign up.

These terms and conditions can shape how you’re allowed to play in the beginning, limiting which games you can play, how often you need to play and how much to wager in the first few weeks of membership. This is obviously going to have a big impact on your Online Casino career!

2/ Avoid the traps!

There are plenty of casino games out there that offer players a real chance to walk away with money. Then there are games that try to make it look that way, with big jackpots and fun promotions, but really have odds that are totally stacked against the players.

These classic casino traps include:

Roulette – The classic casino game has never offered big payouts, but the odds are now often stacked against the player – check out our guide to NOT playing Roulette here

Craps – The most famous dice only game in the world, and a great social occasion, but truly, not the game for a new player to try and definitely not in an online casino – read why, here.

Slots – The most prevalent and popular game in casinos both online and offline, but also the favourite of the casino owners themselves! Vegas makes more money from Slots than any other game, because it’s the most popular trap out there.

Keno – This game is really barely 1 step up from buying a lottery ticket! If you manage to find a Keno table with the best paytable ever, maybe you should go for it. If you love it, play away! But don’t expect to win!

3/ Maximise the best games

These are the opposite kinds of games offered by casinos. The purest profit places will limit these games and often No Deposit Bonuses aren’t allowed to be used on games like this. These games are kept around by casinos because they ‘have to’. The best gamblers love them, and they’re a part of the industry. But they are skill games, and it is possible to play well and actually come out ahead – which the casino wants to happen every once in a while, but not as a trend!

These games are:

Blackjack – one of the oldest recognizable card games. The strategy can be learned over a few days or on free online sites – each combination of your cards plus the dealer’s card has a perfect move that’s going to give you the best chance of winning!

Baccarat – The original inspiration for Casino Royle. Baccarat is one of the easiest games to play and often (though not always!) has one of the best Return to Player ratios in the Casino. Because of these three factors (James Bond, Easy to Play and High Return) Baccarat can sometimes be restricted to high rollers tables.

Video Poker – somewhere between Slots and Poker, Video Poker is one of the most popular ‘new’ games out there with pro-gamblers. It depends on the machine and the pay table, but perfect play on certain versions of Video Poker have over 100% Return to Player values, which is unheard of in casinos!

Poker – Most online casinos do offer some kind of poker room. This is unique because you don’t bet against the casino when you play poker, you bet against other players and the casino takes a ‘rake’ % of the total bet on the table. This gives you, with some luck and a lot of skill, a great chance to walk away in profit, because the odds aren’t stacked against you!

4/ Learn the games for free and have Specific skill strategies

Each Online Casino Game will take your money if you don’t have a plan. A lot of classic casino games, including some of the best ones like Poker or Blackjack, are available online for free. Learn the ropes that way and find a strategy that works for you first, instead of jumping in the deep end with real money.  Trap games will take it anyway, skill games give you a fighting chance, if you have a strategy. Book learning your strategies is a solid plan, but there’s no substitute for experience, and this is a fast-track to getting that experience for free!

5/ Limits

There are 3 real limits you’ve got to bear in mind when gambling, especially when you’re new and it’s easy to get carried away! Typically you’ll decide on one of these after losing big. So don’t wait until that happens. Get ahead of the game by setting at least one limit that you know you’ll notice and stick to, and remember, its better to walk away and play another day than chase losses to the bottom!

Time’s up!

The simplest limit – just set an alarm on your phone for a certain time, either giving yourself a limit on how long you can spend in the casino in total, or how late you can stay up playing before you know you’re in bad territory. This is made easier by settings on your phone or other mobile devices which you might play on – if you know you’re not likely to listen to the alarm, you can disable apps after a certain amount of activity in the Settings.

Lick your wounds ($ or %)

The limit we all think of when we think about when we ‘ought to’ walk away. This is the loss limit. It’s really the key to successful gambling. Licking your wounds after losing a certain amount of money, or a certain % of your bankroll, if that works for you better, is a crucial part of achieving Crazy Casino success!

F*** you money

The limit we all forget to set. The win limit. It seems counterintuitive, after all, limits are meant to minimize losses, right? Well anyone who’s seen a hot streak turn cold quick knows why it’s even worse to forget this one. If you’re up by a lot, walk away! Reinvesting those winnings into the tables is what the casino wants,  you’re giving them a shot at winning that money back from you, and the odds are always stacked towards the house!

Setting a winning limit is a must to avoid this, decide what level you’d be super happy with, before you go in, and if you manage to get there, leave and be super happy about it!

There you have it – 5 sensible moves that will set any new player up for success in online casino gaming!