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A Simple Blackjack Tip Sheet for Crazy Online Casino Success

Blackjack is one of the non-negotiable classic casino games. It’s simple enough to play in the back of a bus on the way to a casino with other games! I learned to play in the fifth grade when my friend and I pretended to be doing maths with counters in the back of the class. […]

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The 5 Most Popular Online Slots Themes for 2021

The gambling business has always been evolving. The first chips were invented in Rome, where fines for being caught gambling were multiples of the cash found in the pot – 10 x a bunch of cheap clay chips = 0! The first casinos were set up to contain all of the gambling at big European […]

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Five Casino Tips “The House” Don’t Want Players to Know

Whether we’re talking about Online sites with all of the animations and notifications turned up to eleven, or a rowdy in-person experience with free drinks, sandwiches and massages designed to keep you at the table, playing at a Casino can be overwhelming! That’s not even talking about what happens in the games! It’s an open […]

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Top 5 Gambling Tips for New Online Slots Players

Online Slots Games for Beginners

It’s the biggest game in the world. Slots. The most popular thing on casino floors, the first and most profitable games console ever invented. It’s not just huge in real life, online slots are taking over the world – super easy to play and almost made for mobile, online slots are the future of online […]

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Online Gambling Rules-What you need to know as a beginner

Ever since the Parisian elites and Venice Carnival-goers decided to create special ‘casinos’ to house the gambling that people got up to at grand parties, there’s been 2 sets of rules at play. The first set is the kind of rules you find in books. If you know them well, you’ve got an edge over […]

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A Guide to the World’s Most Popular Online Casino Games

What is an Online Casino Game? A Casino Game is different from Online Poker or Sports betting. A random number generator (RNG) is used to create an outcome on a video slot machine, virtual roulette wheel or other game. Before that RNG is triggered, the player and the casino, no other players or 3rd parties, […]

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