Top 5 Gambling Tips for New Online Slots Players

Online Slots Games for Beginners

It’s the biggest game in the world. Slots.

The most popular thing on casino floors, the first and most profitable games console ever invented. It’s not just huge in real life, online slots are taking over the world – super easy to play and almost made for mobile, online slots are the future of online Casino games. So what do you need to know as a new player?

Don’t think about it as a game of skill

Online slots are best thought of as an expensive test of your luck. If you get an Xbox and several games, you’ve gotta pay a few hundred dollars for all that equipment. Online slots are free to play, and there’s a lot of very exciting prizes up for grabs! Having said that, ‘the house’ sets the odds. They definitely set those odds in their favor!

How to get your head around house edge

House edge means that, although every spin has the chance to make you super-rich, on average, the house wins a little money most of the time. A house edge of 10% means if you spend $10 on a spin, you’re likely to get back $9 or so. This is every spin of the wheel! If you let that $9 ride, on average you’ll get back $8.10, then $7.30, and so on.

It’s possible to win big or lose more

‘The House’  plays a big game of averages, across all the players playing all the slots and other games in its casino. The players each play their own individual game. This means every spin has the same chance of winning big or giving you nothing back at all. House edge and all that is an average that by law a lot of online casinos publish, or you can find online if you search for the house edge on whichever online slots game takes your fancy. It’s up to you as the player to decide if the prospect of the big jackpot win justifies that most spins, you’re gonna lose a little cash.

Take advantage. Keep your perspective

Playing slots online means that the casino automatically keeps track of exactly what games you’re playing, how long for, and how much you’re spending. This is quite convenient in general, but also means the casino will offer you specific loyalty bonuses and incentives to play more! It’s a great idea to pick whichever online casino that you want to play slots online with based on those bonus incentives. It’s also super important to remember that the perks that they offer you will only ever be worth a small percentage of the total amount you’re risking by play!

This isn’t to say it’s a bad thing! Just keep your perspective. Take advantage of the bonuses, free spins, extra cash deposits, and more. This is a great way to also try out new games, risk-free, and if the bonuses dry up after a while – there’s a whole world of new online casinos ready to give you a brand new sign-up bonus!

Play lower than you think, because online slots is faster than you think

Unless you’re the kind of player who can keep track of two or three blackjack games at once, playing slots online is five or six times faster per ‘play’ than the other casino games you might come across. This is part of its appeal!

Maximum bets are also important when playing online slots. It depends on which game you’re playing, but often the payout on a max bet on one spin of online slots will be higher. Say for example the maximum bet on one spin is 5 coins. If you bet 1 coin 5 times, you’ll get the regular odds, five times. If you bet 5 coins on one spin, however, because of Max Bet Bonuses, you will get the regular odds, but the payout will often be 6 or 7 times the odds, because of the bonus.

These two factors mean that it’s important to play a lower coin value than you think. Perhaps you think you can afford $1 coins. But Max betting means it’s suddenly $5/spin, and you’re spinning 3 times a minute! That’s $15/minute, not $1! Especially at the beginning, make sure you go low, that way you can get all the bonuses and keep a lid on your spending!

In conclusion – be responsible, have fun! If you decide slots isn’t for you, there are plenty of other games available!