Win at Online Slots – The Smart Way

There is only one way that you can win at Online slots. That’s by being smart about it! There is literally no way to increase the odds of winning at online slots – you can find those out by looking at the Return to Player number (more on that below).

The Smart Way to Win at Online Slots though, is about walking away in profit, and never staking more than you can afford to lose.

  • Take advantage of Free Spins! 

They aren’t free money, but they are one of the best ways to get information on games and casinos – read more about Free Spins here, and for tips about how to select the best online casino for you, click here. If you want to win at online slots, you need that information, and Free spins are literally a free way to play and learn!

  • Seek out Low Bonus Turnover Terms

Most casinos will offer some kind of No Deposit Bonus (read more about those here). One of the simplest ways to walk away with profit is to play with bonus money, because then you’ve staked $0!

But all bonuses come with strings attached. The most annoying ones are turnover terms. This means that even when you win at online slots you can’t withdraw your winnings until you’ve staked an amount much higher than the bonus amount itself. This keeps you playing longer and makes it less likely you can walk away in profit. So look for terms where the minimum turnover is low – say 10x rather than 100x!

  • Beware Bonus Win Limits

So you’ve done the hard part, and you’ve won at online slots with your No Deposit Bonus! Walking away can be a challenge though, some terms set maximum withdrawal on winnings from bonuses. Usually a multiple of the bonus itself – say $500 max withdrawal on a $50 bonus.

But, say you win $700 playing online slots with that $50 bonus – what happens to the remaining $200?

As usual, it will depend on the terms.The best Bonus win limits will convert leftover bonus wins into more bonus cash, but some casinos will just disappear those winnings as soon as you withdraw! 

  • Avoid Copyrighted Characters

Themed games are fun! But if there’s a game that’s got a load of movie characters in it on a reputable site, then that site is probably paying the movie studio a load of cash to use their characters, right?

The house isn’t going to just accept  that cost! More than likely they will reduce the odds for the players in order to recoup that cash! There’s enough variety out there on the internet to avoid this and still have a great fun time. The Smart Way to Win at Online Slots doesn’t include getting distracted by superheroes!

  • Max Bet on Progressive Jackpots

If progressive slots are your idea of fun, then make sure you’re able to win the big number that’s attracted you there in the first place! Each spin on a progressive slots machine adds to the total jackpot, which can become a life-changing amount of money if you win at progressive online slots.

The flip side of that casino chip is that in order to qualify for the big bucks, you’ve got to put down the big stakes! If you aren’t betting the maximum value, you won’t win the maximum prize!

Betting big means you can win big or lose big – so make sure the maximum bet is at a level you can play at for a while!

  • Find the Volatility for Your Style

High volatility games are games with a few, big wins up for grabs, but you’re going to have to spin those wheels a lot to find them. Low volatility games are going to give you a lot of little wins along the way, but the chances of making a huge profit from one spin are close to zero. Working this out is key to keeping your head, if you’re playing a high volatility game, a long time in the red is going to be what you expect, in order to get a shot at that one big payoff.

Remember – to win at online slots, you’ve just got to walk away in profit, and stop the bleeding when it happens. If your walk away number is low, then your volatility is also going to be low, because a high volatility player needs to be able to go into the red for a long time, in order to get that jackpot to get back into profit and manage to win at online slots!

  • Select the right RTP for your style

Return to Player is legally part of the information casinos need to give you as a player. Remember that it’s about the average across all players playing all the time. It will rarely if ever be over 95-97% (meaning even the best games give a 3-5% rate to the casino, many go as high as 15-20%).

This is an average! People can and do lose much more, but that does also mean that people win more than they give back to the casino! If you’re willing to walk away in profit, a low RTP-game can still work for you, as one big jackpot win can put you back in the black. The key is to walk away then, and never wager more than you’ve decided you can afford to lose!

  • Stop the Bleeding

Have a walk away number for losing. Make some more money at work and come back later. Just because you’ve lost 10 spins on the bounce doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to win on the 11th! This is the hardest strategy to learn but it’s the one that all of the best players know they need to adhere to. It’s not sexy but it’s the only way to really ever win at online slots.

  • Walk Away in Profit

This, in combination with having a real walk away number for losing, is truly the only way to win at online slots!

Most pro gamblers can’t dream of a 10% return, so even if your day is just $60→$66, walk away and count the victory. If you keep adding those victories up, you’ll be in good shape.

Follow these steps, and you will have the best chance to win at Online Slots. Remember, play responsibly!