The Smart Way to Play Casino Slots Online

Slots are the most popular games in casinos. Playing slots online is the most popular way to game in online casinos. There’s a good reason the old pros called those machines ‘one armed bandits’! Most of the money lost in Vegas goes down those little slots. But when you play slots online – or offline – having a solid strategy can help you stay ahead of the house. Playing casually is a one way ticket to being a paying casualty! Playing smart is part science, part art.

Playing slots online is all about variety. Without having to invest in new physical machines, the online casinos can make new games all the time, and that means there’s a lot of new ways to get caught out – or to cash in!

  1. Is it luck, or is it rigged?

The first and most important thing is to make sure that the casino where you’re playing slots online uses Random Number Generators. Otherwise, you’re just paying them cash to see the pretty lights dance! Even with a RNG, the house is going to have it’s edge, which you’ll need to work around – but if they aren’t using one, there’s literally no chance!

  1. Find your level

What’s playing casino slots online about? Variety, variety, variety – and fun! The perfect game for you is out there, and the first thing to think about is your overall stakes. This sounds boring and sensible, I know, but it’s so much more boring to run out of cash in 20 minutes – we’ve all been there!

Set yourself a budget, then find games that are going to let you play a LOT of spins at that level. Smart players play the long game, so they can become experts on the game they’re playing and make sure they come out ahead.

  1. Free spins are your friend

Have you ever been to a casino and seen a high roller at the table, with 3 complimentary Scotch glasses, a sandwich and a waitress giving him a back rub? That’s a smart player! He knows the casino wants him to keep playing. A smart way to play casino slots online is to take advantage of all the free bonuses and spins that are on offer! Online casinos don’t have sandwiches, drinks or masseuses, so they give players free plays.

Remember why the casino is giving you these things though – they’re betting against you! Make sure you read our guide to online casino bonuses here. They’re a great way to get to grips with new games, but don’t get fooled into thinking it’s really free money!

  1. Bet Big, Win Big. Bet Max, Win Max.

This is why setting yourself up at the correct level of spending is super important! The general rule for playing casino slots online is that if you bet 1 coin and win, you’ll get back 1 coin x (the odds). If you bet 2, you’ll get 2 coins x (the odds). BUT if you bet the max amount, you’ll often get a hidden bonus multiplier to your coins!

That means you’re going to want to pay most attention to the maximum amount you can bet per spin, and assume you’re going to spend that on every spin!

  1. Time for math – Calculate the odds

There was always going to be a need for some math! Luckily, the odds of playing casino slots online are more static than poker or blackjack. Simply work out the number of winning combinations there are, and then divide that by the number of total combinations there are! If you’re playing a popular online slots game, chances are there’s someone out there who’s already done this!

  1. Watch Demos

Once you have a budget level and have decided on a game with odds that you’re comfortable with, there’s still one step to go before you want to play casino slots online. Watch other people play! There’s probably demo videos online of people playing and explaining the game you’re looking at. These can help you get an edge – there’s no sense making beginners’ mistakes when a 5 minute youtube video could help you save the big bucks!

  1. Small wins make smart players happy

All players dream about hitting the jackpot, but playing strategically is all about accumulating the little wins along the way. Making sure you keep yourself aware of the little victories keeps your head up and will make sure you don’t lose your discipline when you get ahead! Making the big bucks on one spin is amazing, but the smart way to play casino slots online is to accumulate small wins into a career of beating the house!

  1. Stay disciplined

Make a plan and stick to the plan. Don’t let yourself get tempted to change, especially after a big win! Equally don’t go spending more after a loss to try and make it back. Discipline when playing casino slots online is key to being a smart strategic player, and it is as simple as 2 numbers – when to walk away up, and when to walk away down. It might hurt in the moment, but if you can stay disciplined and stack more up days than down, you just might be playing strategically!

The smart way to play is to get informed, stay informed, test the waters and get out when it’s too hot! Good luck and remember to play responsibly!