How to Resolve Conflicts When You Play Casino Online

So something’s gone wrong when you were playing casino online. In a normal casino, you could ask for the manager, and also the quality of the Wi-Fi wouldn’t have an impact on your chips. What do you need to do now, when you’ve got a conflict or complaint with an online casino?

Firstly, take the time to identify the issue at hand – your story might be complex. Get as much information about it as possible and don’t be afraid to screenshot error codes or issues.

Once you have a good handle on it, online casino play problems usually fit into one of 3 categories

Category 1 – Withdrawal Issues

First of all, make sure you have the story of what has happened from your perspective completely clear. Often in this process, you’ll come across something or a page will refresh and the issue will solve itself.

Next up you need to speak to customer services from wherever you play casino online. Keep calm, and see where there’s a difference between what you think happened/should happen, and what the people on the other side are seeing/saying. This can happen via live chat or call. 

Category 2 – Bonuses Issues – e.g. voided funds, voided winnings or higher playthrough limits than initially thought

Firstly read up on bonuses for this online casino

Take care to check:

  • Playthrough requirements and bonus-eligible games
  • Contribution rates for different types of games
  • Bet sizing and play pattern rules
  • Maximum cashout limits
  • Country- or loyalty-based eligibility requirements
  • Unusual terms

If there’s some record of the bonus terms you thought applied, make sure to communicate that to the casino when you get in touch. But remember that what you’re reading in the site’s Terms and Conditions right now, is probably what the Customer Services people have to adhere to.

Next, chat to the casino, with the information you have. See if they’re in the business of being nice to their customers and helping resolve issues like this. A lot of casinos are!

  • If not, complain!

These are the main 2 – but others happen. Get as much info about the situation as possible. Note any error messages that come up on the screen, if you’re able to, screenshot the conversations with customer service

All of this means you have more tools at your disposal to tick the boxes the customer service representative needs to come to a happy solution.

  1. Make sure there’s a real problem, and it’s not just a glitch or something is taking processing time
  2. Contact customer services and let them know what’s going on from your perspective
  3. With customer services, make certain there’s reason for a complaint. Sometimes it could be that you accidentally voided some terms, and the casino was within their rights to take this action.
  4. If they won’t help, and it’s not your fault, complain! And take it public!

Staying calm

Most of the time online gambling is pretty unregulated, in terms of individual player complaints, you’ve got to be a very big fish for a regulator to get involved, 75% of withdrawals/bonus things are going to be in the $100 range and that’s not enough to get the feds interested!

Affiliates like exist to encourage players towards casinos with better reputations.

Keeping their reputation up is why customer service for casinos is such a big thing and is included in every one of our casino reviews.

The credibility of the player complaining is very important. If the casino has truly wronged you, and you seem nice, their reputation will suffer out in the public. There are a lot of places to play casino online, and people read reviews!

But also, don’t shoot the messenger. In the same way that Danny Ocean is friendly with dealers and pit bosses at casinos he plans to rob the owners of, experienced players know that the customer service representatives of casinos are often not the people making the actual decisions about your case, so be polite!

They might not have the power to change a decision in your favour, but if you’re threatening in any way, they for sure have the power to deny any settlement you might have been about to receive!

Always try and solve the problem internally first. Think before posting if you’re angry or offensive (blacklists exist, even online casinos keep them). Be Patient and understand the system you’re in. If you have exhausted all other options, then:

Making a formal complaint to the regulator

Taking the legal route and lodging formal complaints will involve lots of paperwork and as ever it’s our advice to collect as much data as you can. Even if they agree to investigate, they most likely will investigate why such a small problem became their problem – i.e. why the casino’s complaints process isn’t capable of dealing with individual players.

Be courteous and persistent. Will take weeks or months, at least, and the licensing body isn’t just on the players’ side. If you can find more players with the same issue, it might help move the needle and get the attention you need.

To conclude, the steps in conflict resolution when playing casino online:

First step – use reputable casinos

Second step – keep it internal

Third step – for mediation use affiliate sites

Fourth step –  go public and/or get the regulator involved