What is the Online Casino with the Best Deposit Bonus

What is a Deposit Bonus?

It’s very rare to get much more than a watered-down comped cocktail or a free sandwich to keep you at the tables in Vegas unless you’re a real high roller. But the world of online casinos is full of bonuses. In this article, we’re going to focus on the bonuses online casinos give to players who are ready to ante up! If you’re still deciding about playing in online casinos, check out our guide to no-deposit bonuses here, and learn about how they can help you test the waters.

A Deposit Bonus is simply a free gift the online casinos offer to players when they make a deposit into their account! Anytime you play online casino games for real money, you’ll HAVE to make a deposit – so it makes sense to find the casinos that offer you the best incentives to do what you’ll be doing anyway!

Types of Online Deposit Bonus

Online Casinos offer pretty much the same No Deposit Bonuses as each other – a free spin here, a few Euros to play with there. When you’re already a player with an account and you’re investing with them, you’re given more of an inside track to what makes that casino unique.

As always, the MOST important thing for you to do is to make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions of any deposit bonus online casinos offer to you.

We’ve found 3 of the best Deposit bonuses out there in cyberspace, and online casinos which are great examples of what variety and deals are available – check them out!

Today we’ll look at:

  • Multiple Deposit Bonuses
  • Big Number Percentage Bonuses
  • Ongoing weekly Deposit Bonuses

Multiple Deposit Bonuses at Bao Casino

Count them – 1, 2, 3 Bonuses!

Some casinos give all the goods to the new players. Their bonuses are front-loaded, and all about getting you in the door. It’s great at the beginning, but it can fizzle out. Bao casino isn’t like that – they do have bonuses for the beginner players, but there’s a bonus for your 2nd deposit and another bonus for your 3rd! If you’re looking for an online casino that’s not afraid of a long-term relationship, this kind of deposit bonus could be for you!

Big Number Percentage Bonuses from Magicazz Casino

Deposit your money, get your bonus If you’re not the kind of person who sees big numbers and starts to dream about what might be, then I don’t know how you got into casinos! No discussion of deposit bonuses at online casinos would be complete without just finding the biggest numbers. The classic deposit bonus is this – deposit money with us, and we’ll give you a percentage extra money to play with – the more you deposit with the online casino, the bigger the bonus! At most casinos, this is offered, but up with a cap of a few hundred dollars. At Magicazz Casino, they will give you 10% extra money to play with up to a massive €5000 deposit!

Ongoing weekly deposit bonuses from Gunsbet Casino

Welcome Bonus plus 55% bonus every Friday! A huge selling point of online casinos, alongside as the fantastic bonuses and flexibility, is the sheer variety of options in terms of games, themes and characters. This variety and need to stand out from the crowd has created games within gaming sites, just for being a member! Gunsbet is that kind of site. It’s themed around the gun slinging days of the Wild West, and all of its members are thrown into that arena. It’s possible to just sign up and play games, enjoying the theme, but this site also has an ongoing, overarching dynamic where you can up your firepower as you progress through the levels. It keeps the Live Time aspect of that alive by offering a deposit bonus every Friday! They have the classic welcome bonuses as well, but up to $300 is available to players each weekend as a 55% bonus on any deposit made. Saddle up partner! Its time to Luck’n’Load!


Online casino deposit bonuses are as varied as the online casinos that offer them. If the site you currently use isn’t offering you much for each deposit you make, consider switching it up to one of the sites mentioned here, or check out our comprehensive guide to other online casinos and find the casino, games and deposit bonuses that work for you! After all, the money is out there – you’ve just got to be aware of your options.

Remember to play responsibly!