Winning Casino Play Strategies that All Gamblers Use

Most players are in the casino to play games, have fun and maybe win some money. But a true gambler is out to make money! Here’s a list of winning play strategies that you need to bear in mind if you’re going to make the casino your playground.

1 – It’s all about control

There’s a reason we think of casinos as places to play, have a good time, cut loose. They’re great for exactly that! We’re not talking about being a good-time player here, though, these are strategies for winning at the casino. Winners keep control of themselves, in order to keep control of their destiny.

2 – Control the Game

This isn’t about being a bully or setting up your own casino! A lot of the beginner’s bonuses that casinos offer to get you in the door direct players towards games that are popular and fun. But they also have a big ‘house edge’. This means that even playing the perfect winning strategy, a high percentage of your stake is going to end up in the house’s pocket. Instead of playing the games that the casino wants you to play, only play games where strategy is going to give the edge back to you! Blackjack, Poker and Video Poker are the classic examples of this.

3 – Control your Strategy

If you’re just reading this for the fun of it, fair enough! You’ll likely find useful tips and hints for any player here. But if you want to have a winning casino play strategy, no matter what it is, you’ve got to commit to it 100%. Don’t chop and change based on the situation, don’t go in with 3 or 4 plans in your head. That’s how they get you! Set it up beforehand and stick to it!

4 – Control your Time

They say time is the most precious resource we have – unlike money, you’ll never get it back! This is equally true when it comes to playing a winning casino strategy. Set a time limit that you’ll be playing for, and when that time limit hits, leave. Stop playing. Walk away. The only exception is if you’ve beaten the bubble in a poker tournament and you’re just racking up money, seeing how much profit you’re going to get.

First of all, this is a solid way to practise sticking to your strategy. Most of the time you’re not going to win big or lose your shirt. So having the amount of time you’ll be playing for set in stone before you begin will help you get used to setting a strategy and keeping to it. Secondly, the longer you play for, the more likely it is that you’ll get tired, sloppy and make rash decisions. That’s why the casinos try and keep you playing just one more game!

This isn’t to say you can’t play for a long time – if you fancy a marathon session, plan for a marathon session by all means! But get into the habit of setting limits for yourself and following through with your commitment. 

5 – Control your money

OK OK, we get it, time is precious. But this is about winning cash at casinos! The number one way to not win cash at casinos? Losing control of your money and not having any left to play with! So you’ve got to keep control of your stakes. One of the best ways to do this is to set a weekly limit and then a daily limit. When you hit your daily limit, walk away, you’ll live to play another day of the week. Chasing losses is a recipe for a spiral. I’m not the first to tell you this and there’s a reason for that!

Losing money will also lead to losing control, to a certain extent, of the other winning play strategies above.

6 – Control what you give to the Casino

One of the least-spoken about parts of winning casino play strategies is finding your level. Especially online, there are almost infinite levels of betting to choose from. It might sound counter-intuitive but you want to find your lowest comfortable level, and bet the minimum. In games with high strategy values, you can then up your bet on a strong hand, and if it’s super strong, bet hard! But the casino’s play strategy is to keep you at the table, bleeding slowly – this is why breaking even is a really good day for most pro gamblers.

Getting more hands in, gaining experience, and making big moves when the odds fall into your favour is the essence of a winning casino play strategy, and if you get into games where the minimum bet is too high, you’re giving up too much control of your cash to the casino, before there’s even been one bet placed.


It’s all about keeping control and seeing all of the areas where the casino is looking to take control from you. Get a plan, study strategy for the game you pick, set limits on your time, your stakes and make sure the minimum bet is low enough that you can stick around to make the big moves you’re looking to make when the strategy allows! Finally, make sure you know your strategy inside out before you play, and always walk away from the table before you walk away from your strategy!

Have fun and play responsibly!