10 Tips to Becoming a Successful Casino Affiliate

A casino affiliate works with different reputed casino brands and diverts customers to the brands he or she is affiliated to. For such referrals, the affiliate is remunerated in the form of commissions. The renowned and decade-old affiliate programUffiliates, is a renownedexample that promotes the 888-casino group. It operates with a two-tiered affiliation program and operates on proprietary software.

#1 Develop Unique and Informative Content for Your Website

Though it is possible to take the casino affiliate plunge without a website, it is not possible to find yourself a sustainable income proposition unless you build a webpage for you. Casino players of today are well educated on the nitty-gritty of depositing money at a casino. Unless you provide thought-provoking and original content, traffic generation will not be impressive. Engage the visiting players with blogs, articles and white papers on leading casinos, red flags to be aware of and tips to maximize casino winnings. Conduct a keyword research on what’s trending and use the keywords organically. Embedding relevant images with proper naming conventions will enhance search engine visibility.

#2 Focus onUser Experience

While developing high-quality content is the number one step in promoting your affiliate business, you must also ensure that users enjoy their time on the website. It all depends on providing them with an unmatched UX and projecting yourself as different from the myriad casino affiliates available on the market. There are hundreds of junk affiliate sites that customers get bored about. To make users spend productive time on board, focus on the technicalities that can cater responsively to user needs. Placing a strategic call to action buttons, using large and informative banners, deploying a chat service and using an FAQ session are all various ways to give that empowered feeling to players. Never forget the mobile first priority and get your website optimized for mobile audiences.

#3 Become Choosy on The Brands You Promote

Know your product is the core success tagline for any casino affiliate. Casino players take the affiliate route to their preferred casinos, only because it adds a layer of trust. To extend such kind of trust, every casino affiliate needs to know the A-Z of the brands they promote. The trustworthiness of the casino reviews from watchdog organizations, the payout thresholds, wagering conditions, withdrawal options, bonus norms, range of games provided and the type of software used matter the most. A 360-degree knowledge of each casino is a must before you become a full-fledged casino affiliate. Beware of blacklisted casinos who might try to act like genuine merchants in the affiliate game.

#4 Promote Effective Social Media Campaigns

Use social media strategies to earn referral traffic that can be hugely beneficial to convert. The viral influence of social media promotion is intense and it can get you a never-ending chain of loyal players. Use Instagram to provide compelling visuals of casinos, their range of table and slot games, the impressive bonus and gift combos. Building Facebook pages and making use of sponsored ads will help you build a pipeline of good customers. Feedbacks from happy and satisfied customers will become a basis to build user-generated content. Twitter’s mobile app is great for promoting casinos. However, promoting gambling sites via social media is subject to multiple restrictions depending on the country of operation.

#5 Understand the Revenue Sharing Model

With the global casino market to grow to about $ 565 billion by 2022, the casino business promises a high-roller package to all the stakeholders. There are different kinds of payment models. The most common one is a percentage paid out of the profits generated from affiliate-driven traffic. The CPA (cost per acquisition) model is a performance-based one. CPL stands for Cost per Lead and this is a popular payment model as well. However, if you are on the lookout for a steady income and the casino chosen is one that is focused on long-term growth, the revenue share model is the ideal. Work it out in a straight-forward manner with the merchant, whether payment will be based on ad placements, click-through or purchases. Also become clear on the marketing collaterals that you will have access to – banners, text links etc. Finally, set up cost-effective billing and payment methods with real-time analytics.

#6 Believein The Brands You Have Chosen to Work With

Promoting for the sake of money can bring you results, but will not hold for long. Let the commission not be the sole determining factor when choosing the casinos to subscribe for. To become a successful affiliate, you need to believe that the products are the best. Conduct a systematic background check on the casinos and become doubly confident that they offer a unique selling proposition to the players. Ensure that there are no hidden conditions and tricky clauses as to the withdrawal of winnings. On the whole, put yourself in the shoes of players and sell a unique playing experience. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and get all doubts clarified even before you start promoting. Some Casino Affiliate Programs extend the perk of assigning you to a dedicated affiliate manager who ensures that you get the best marketing material and also helps you tailor your promotional offers.

#7 Understand Your Casino Audience – EngageinRelationship Building

Since your chosen niche is casino products, you will cater to an audience of die-hard casino freaks. As such you must deliver products that can satisfy their expectations. Study the incoming traffic and draw crucial insights from it. Segment and profile your customers so that you can customize their on-site experience and build loyalty. It is important to kick-start your social life, both online and offline. Build lasting relationships with all important links in the casino chain – game vendors, casino experts, seasoned players, newbies, thought-influencers, guest bloggers and so on. The more links you build, the more lucrative becomes your business volume, especially when you do sub-affiliation or cross-promotion in order to deal with multiple brands and products.

#8 Become an Expert in SEO and PPC Advertising

To get players to deposit money in the casino brands you promote, you will have to indulge in hardcore marketing. That an affiliate can make money even during his sleep is a famous myth in marketing. The myth, unfortunately does not hold when you promote products for an audience of demanding casino players. Affiliates need to deploy one or more of hot brand promotion techniques to generate organic traffic. Becoming an SEO Casino affiliate will enable more visibility for your website in the Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Get an SEO strategy done for your website by engaging digital marketing experts. Similarly, PPC is another way of buying traffic in a short span of time. Get yourself conversant with Pay per Click ads and generate recurring income from your ad spend.

#9 Do Not Restrict Yourself to A Single Casino

Even for a newbie, it is not worthwhile to get stuck with a single merchant casino. There will arise working capital issues if the payment stream is not regular and also the possibility of a loss due to slow business in the early stages. It is best to join an affiliate network, where you are allowed to promote multiple casinos if you subscribe to their program. For example, the Betsson Group Affiliates offer an opportunity to promote as many as 15 casino brands including Betsafe and Casino Euro. The program extends a 10% recurring revenue and operates with a two-tier model. Joining an affiliate network is one of the best ways to earn passive income and also to get basic acquaintance with the gambling community in case you are new to the field.

#10 Stay Abreast of Industry Trends

Casino community is a live wire with new games, new software and payment methods being added up every minute. Become vigilant of the gambling laws in the domicile you operate. Over the years, Malta has emerged as the online casino hub and most online casinos are registered with either the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK, Swedish and Finnish authorities. It is essential to become up-to-date on new amendments to existing gambling laws and licensing requirements. In addition to this, get your heads-up on what’s trending in every casino you promote. Be it an additional free spin offer or the introduction of a festive-time playing arcade, get to know how to cash-in and send more leads. This casino affiliate tutorial will serve as a comprehensive and useful guide, not only to identify the most profitable network but also ways to drive convertible traffic to the casino sites. Do a pros and cons analysis before signing up and never fall for the tricks of scam casinos that operate only to make a quick dash of money.